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World of Tanks T28 - 5 Kills 8,5K Damage

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World of Tanks TKills 8,5K Damage

Medals received: Steel Wall, High Caliber

The T28 is an American tier 8 tank destroyer.

The development of a superheavy vehicle with enhanced armor started in the second half of 1943. The design featured the power unit and electrical transmission of the experimental T23 medium tank. The vehicle was supposed to feature a new 105-mm anti-aircraft gun. The design was later used for the creation of the T95 assault tank. Existed only in blueprints.

When you first play the T28, you will notice that it is much slower than the T25 AT and to some players slightly worse. This tank is a bit faster than the T95, but just barely, so both tanks are easy prey for artillery and fast tanks. The frontal armor is decent for its tier unless they load premium shells, unlike that of its turreted counterpart the T28 Prototype, although the lower part of the armor is flat and easily penetrated. The 120mm gun can bring down even the strongest opponents with rapid fire, good damage, and accuracy. The only things the driver needs to worry about are its side and rear armor, as they are quite thin, allowing quick movers to take you down with ease. Be patient, stay in cover, and provide support for your allies and the T28 will prepare you greatly for the monster T95.

The T28 leads to the T95.

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