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Why THIS Tesla Layoff is Good For Business [highlight]

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// Tesla Cut 9% of Workforce

* Tesla will lay off 9% of its employees beginning this week, CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday.
* The layoffs will not affect production-line workers as the company ramps up Model 3 production.
* During Tesla's first-quarter earnings call in May, Musk said the company would begin restructuring operations in an effort to meet its profitability goals.
* Musk has said the company will become profitable in the second half of the year and won't need to raise money.

* Let’s read the email in full* This isn’t the first Layoff:

* In 2008 they laid off 30% of staff// This Isn’t Poor Management

* And in Oct they did another one, although they didn’t call it that* To me this was much worse as, in my view, it showed a flaw in their hiring practices

* This gets into a practice I hate formally called the “Vitality Curve” but mostly referred to as “Rank and Yank”* This was made famous by Jack Welch of GE who believed a company needed to eliminate the bottom 10% of it’s workforce each year to remain competitive - http://10l7swlu5po2i2wbq43eapit-

* As someone that has managed many teams and people over the years, I believe firmly this logic if flawed, and that a better approach exists.
* If an employee isn’t performing well in their role, it’s likely due to the work environment they’re in or them not being a good fit for the role
* In either case, it’s managements flaw that led to the worker underperforming and simply replacing them with someone else isn’t really a solution// Deming Systems Thinking -
* PDSA Example - https://s3

* That said, this layoff is a strategic move that I fully understand and while sobering as it is, think it’s a good move for the company. The thing to watch will if this occurs again, and if so for what reason

* 94% is System and 6% is Individual* If you don’t believe me that the Rank and Yank is misguided, you only have to look at major companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Accenture, and even GE to see examples of major companies who have abandoned the misguided practice.
*// Back to Tesla

* Let’s look at overall employee growth, and previous layoffs - Tableau

* Following being played off, several Tesla employees showed appreciation* Seemingly in response to the short sellers Elon doubles down on Stock buy* Elon Tweest about Short Position// Model 3 AWD/P Coming Off The Line

* $78,000 Starting Price
* 0-60 in 3.5
* All options included except Autopilot

Price out yours at https://teslanomics.co/tesla-model-3-cost-calculator/

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