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The Fall of SMMA: Honest Truth On When It’ll Die

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Как начать зарабатывать в интернете новичку? Какая сумма для вклада является приемлемой для вас? 500 рублей - это много или мало? Что такое инвестиции, HYIP проекты, МЛМ, матрицы? Что такое криптовалюта, и как на ней можно заработать? Ответы на все эти вопросы вы можете получить на моём блоге - https://www.szamay.ru/ Надеюсь информация будет полезной для вас. Желаю вам удачи!SMMA isn't going anywhere. Learn How To Start & Scale An Online Marketing Agency:

A quick summary:

A couple of weeks ago, I received a message from a well-intentioned guy who encouraged me to market my Six Figure SMMA by pushing the ‘End of SMMA’ - that it was becoming saturated, and would cease to be a profitable business model in the next couple of years: that people should get into it whilst they still can.

I went back to him, and explained EXACTLY why he was wrong.

First of all, there’s no way I’d aggressively build a business that wasn’t sustainable - and my own digital marketing agency still pulls me in a considerable monthly income.

Secondly, there’s no way I’d ever teach a course on an unsustainable business model - it completely goes against my mission to reform the education system and provide the best e-learning courses.

Then we get into how SMMA could ever possibly fail…

Until someone develops a business that doesn’t need customers - businesses will always need leads to turn into customers.

And marketing is always the best way to do that. The particular strand of marketing I specialize in, SMMA, is particularly effective for so many businesses - because social media isn’t going anywhere.

Of course, there’s always changes - and I’ll always look to embrace these. For example, if Snapchat ads become the next big thing, you’d best believe my agency will become the best Snapchat ad agency out there.

SMMA isn’t over-saturated.

Sure, more and more agencies will serve more and more businesses (because it works).

But as long as you provide great results, have powerful systems in place, and genuinely look after your clients - you should have nothing to fear.

Just like a young boy grows up wanting to be the best pro-footballer in the world, I strive to run the best digital marketing agency in the world.

You should too.Six Figure SMMA, Open For Enrollment Now:How To Use A Personal Brand To Get 4-Figure Coaching & Retainer Clients On Autopilot:Hey! If you’re new to the channel… my name is Iman Gadzhi.

I own a digital marketing agency that does $60k/pm+ and an E-Learning business that does $150k/pm+

I’m on a mission to re-form the education system by delivering the best online programs in the world.If you’d like to work with my marketing agency, you can find out more here: https://iag-

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