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Swissgolden Presentation – Discover How To Grow Your Swissgolden Business Online

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Swissgolden Presentation – Growing Your Swissgolden Business Opportunity Online

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In this swissgolden training video you will discover how to maximize the swissgolden compensation plan 2017 by leveraging the power of the internet for acquiring leads for your business. A lot of thhe traditional recruiting and prospecting methods offline involve hotel meetings, cold calling leads and chasing family and friends. By using online marketing strategies we can get very specific about who we target in our swissgolden marketing materials which increases our sales conversions. By positioning ourselves and our swissgolden opportunity in front of those already looking for us. In this swissgolden business presentation you will be introduced to the concept of attraction marketing and how I used this business building strategy to generate my first six figure income.

How swissgolden works for compensation: Let’s take a moment to review the swissgolden compensation plansometimes referred to as a rewards plan, marketing program, pay plan, comp plan, business plan, marketing plan). A buyers order is placed in a swissgolden table or order and as new orders for gold bullion arrive your order moves along the table or order in the bonus marketing program. This allows you to pay for the gold in increments along with your own investment combined with credit bonuses earnings. In order to participate in the swissgolden bonus program one must invest to participate in the main table or orders, the VIP table of orders or the VIP plus table of orders. There are 3 swissgolden packages. As your table fills with new recruits you move to the next table. You can place up to 3 orders at a time in the preliminary main swissgolden table or order.

How does swissgolden work for splitting commissions? There are 2 ways of getting bonuses in the swissgolden compensation plan which can be broken into 2 categories: 1) Bonus program which includes quick start and active income. 2) the Swissgolden leadership program which is where the passive income kicks in. The bonus is split in 3 parts when a table has closed: 90% towards the person receiving the bonus used to purchase swissgolden bullion, 1% to the company, 9% spread to distributors in the leadership program. The leadership program has 11 levels as per the swissgolden presentation 2017 that explains the marketing program.

A great way to position yourself as a leader who prospects want to join is to brand yourself and your value through your own marketing system and marketing training which you can offer as a bonus for joining your team. By having a swissgolden presentation 2017 that sells the products for you and that your team can leverage, you will get duplication and growth in your organization that much faster. The key to success is getting a large number of people to implement a simple proven process consistently over time.

If you got value from the swissgolden marketing plan put forward in this training video and would like to learn how to fast track your income, how to be successful building your business online, how to grow your team using digital media and how to get customers for swissgolden gold bullion then register for our online prospecting bootcamp to learn how to recruit successfully online:

Swissgolden PresentationGrowing Your Swissgolden Business Opportunity Online

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