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She Has 300 Cats! - MGTOW

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More Than 300 Cats Were Just Found In A Toronto Apartment

‘We believe this is a true hoarding situation’: More than 100 cats removed from Toronto home

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from two guys, Thomas and Joachim. They didn't send me specifics. So I thought I'd take some time discussing how it seems to me that Toronto is becoming the crazy cat lady capital of the world. In the last few months there were two cases where the city was forced to remove 300 cats from one appartment and 100 cats from a house. But before I discuss this topic let me tell you about today's sponsor Farpoint Investments: Anyways now back to tales from Toronto, the crazy cat lady capital of the world. I assume it's a she in both of the cat houses I mentioned because I've never heard of a man hoarding that much meow before. The first link in the description has to say and I quote: "All 300 cats were removed from the residence and taken to local veterinary hospitals and shelters. This marks the second "large cat hoarding situation" in just over a month to make headlines in Toronto, and experts are growing concerned. The cats in both of these situations weren't spayed or neutered and were left to just multiply exponentially in their homes. In the case with 300 cats people could smell the cats in the lobby of the appartment building. I smelled like someone had died. Just look at the pictures in that link and you'll be shocked to see just what 300 cats looks like. Imagine hundreds of cats urinating on the floors until the carpets were yellow. I don't really think there was enough kitty litter in that appartment to capture all that cat shit. Imagine how much food must have been brought into the appartment every single day to feed that many cats? So why is this a MGTOW related story. Well as many of you already know Toronto is on of the Feminist stongholds in the world. Women here treat men awfully and there's a legion of men going their own way over in this city. So that means there's going to a lot of lonely women out there. As their loneliness grows they will buy cats and the occassional dog to keep them company.images licensed and paid for through All image licenses are available upon request.

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