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Police Officer Shares a Car's Safety Feature Many People Don't Use

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When you leave the house in your car, you don't do so expecting to get into an accident. Accidents can happen when you or the other driver isn't paying attention. Distracted driving is a very common cause of accidents. Poor weather conditions are also a recipe for disaster when driving. Finally, not obeying the laws of the road can cause you to get into an accident, regardless of how good a driver you are.

Accidents often occur when a driver forgets to use their turn signal. Some people almost miss their turn, and they don't use the turn signal because there is no time. Others just choose not to use it. According to a survey conducted by SAE International, out of 12,000 drivers interviewed, 48 percent say that they don't use their turn signal when they are changing lanes. Another 25 percent admit to refusing to use the turn signal when making a turn. Because the turn signal should be used about once per mile, these statistics show that turn signals are not used when they should be over 300 billion times. These stats go to show how dangerous it can be on the road.

Sergeant John Perrine of the Indiana State Police Public Information Office understands all too well that people neglect to use the turn signal, which can be very dangerous for all drivers on the road. It is his job to bring awareness to people about hazardous situations so that he can make the streets safer for everyone. This police officer shares a car's safety feature many people don't use. He didn't just give a simple, boring speech about how important it is to use a turn signal. He decided to make it clever, interesting, and funny.

At the beginning of the video, Sergeant Perrine explains what the turn signal does and how it works. He describes the turn signal in such detail that you would think that he is talking to someone who has never heard about the turn signal before. He uses his police car to demonstrate the turn signal and what it is used for. He describes the turn signal as being a stick that comes out of the steering wheel. He explains that when you push the "stick" down, it means that you are taking a left turn. Next, he goes to the front of the car to show the blinking light that using the turn signal down turned on. Next, he goes to the back of the vehicle to show that light blinking in the back. Next, he lets the audience know that when you push the turn signal up, a light will blink on the right side in both the front and back.

In the next part of the video, the officer explains the need for the turn signal. He says that when you don't use the turn signal before making a turn, the other drivers on the road won't know what you are about to do. This can result in a serious accident. Also, not using the turn signal can result in a road rage incident. If you don't use the turn signal, it can make the other drivers very upset. Something simple like this can quickly escalate into a very dangerous situation.

The police station posted the video on Facebook, and people started sharing it. They loved the fact that he used humor to get his point across. It wasn't long before the video went viral. In just a few hours, the video was shared over 2,000 times and received over 26,000 likes and comments.

When Sergeant Perrine heard that his video had gone viral, he was shocked and thrilled. He wasn't happy because he had a viral video. He was happy because people were watching the video and learning more about the importance of using the turn signal. All he wanted was to raise awareness regarding the importance of using the turn signal.

Sergeant Perrine decided to make his video humorous because he believes that it helps get people's attention better, and it makes them more willing to learn.

Sergeant Perrine knows that statistics regarding accidents caused by not using the turn signal. He says that he hopes that his video will remind even just a few people that they need to use the turn signal regularly. If only one accident can be avoided thanks to his video, he says that it will have served its purpose.

Due to the popularity of Sergeant Perrine's video, you can only hope that it won't be his last. His dry humor is great, and there are plenty of other things that drivers can learn.Subscribe to Facts Verse:Our Social Media:

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