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Block City Wars - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 - Cops & Robbers (IOS / ANDROID)

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Intro song:Description
Did you get bored by otvyaznomu kurazhu and wild danger? Then it's time to go to the open world of the criminal city of Block City!

Enter the world of Block City Wars where you can perform exciting tasks from the mafia leaders. Drive on the steepest wheelbarrows. Dominate the enemies with steep cannons!

Fight online with your friends and thousands of players from around the world for the title of the best gangster. Pick up the coolest skin and go straight into the wild mix! The smell of gunpowder and the rustle of bills are waiting for you!

Use the most convenient Skin Exporter for Minecraft! This is a handy tool for replacing standard skins in Minecraft - Poсket Edition and Minecraft (PC version) games with a lot of special exclusive skins that we developed specially for you! Skins can be exported to both mobile and desktop versions of Minecraft.

Welcome to Block City:
⊹ Huge metropolis with full freedom of action

⊹ Endless online fun in 12 modes: Team Fight, Street Racing, Robot Combat and Tanks and more!

⊹ More than 30 types of transport - sports cars, motorcycles, helicopters, boats and even TANKS!

⊹ More than 100 weapons - sit in the bushes with a sniper rifle or run ahead with a baseball bat, crushing the skull. Burn everything to hell with napalm or blow it up with a grenade launcher.

⊹ The system of friends! Find your classmates or classmates in the game and fight them online!

⊹ Over 150,000 players online daily

⊹ Game chat for communication between players around the world

⊹ Convenient Skin Exporter for Minecraft.

Thank you, dear users, for your comments and wishes. For us it is very important! We do everything to make you enjoy and enjoy the game.

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and in our group VkontakteBlock City Wars is not an official Mojang application. Minecraft (Meincraft) is a trademark of Mojang AB, and this product is not associated with the creator of this game and is not consistent with them.

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