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Ask GN 85: How We Do Business at Computex, 200mm Radiators

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Как начать зарабатывать в интернете новичку? Какая сумма для вклада является приемлемой для вас? 500 рублей - это много или мало? Что такое инвестиции, HYIP проекты, МЛМ, матрицы? Что такое криптовалюта, и как на ней можно заработать? Ответы на все эти вопросы вы можете получить на моём блоге - https://www.szamay.ru/ Надеюсь информация будет полезной для вас. Желаю вам удачи!This Ask GN is our last one filmed in Tokyo, Japan, and talks about how we do business in Computex, whether we *actually* like Computex, 200mm radiators, and more.
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01:08 - Phanteks at Computex

@El_Jefe042: Did Phanteks snub you guys? I am optimistic about the Evolv X, but before I commit to buy I'd love to see it run through the GN thermal tests

@ATAT137: Where's phanteks?

A Useless Philosopher: Were there any vendors or manufacturers there who completely snubbed you or refused to give an interview? Does it seem like the industry is moving towards better customer service in general?

04:16 - GN Workflow at Computex

@The_Bold_Man: How much work goes into editing each video for events like Computex? I think you guys did a segment a couple years ago about your mobile video editing setup, has that changed at all?

06:07 - Seasonic, Jet Lag, & Computex Being ‘Worth It’

@JasonChristoff1 1h1 hour ago More Why no review on the seasonic cable bar it looks sick

@beta4prez: Do you think it's worth going to? Other than being your job, of course

@MD_Grump: Jet lag tricks?

08:18 - Logistics at Computex

@Jenn_roger: Do you typically stick to a set schedule of what you're going to cover? How easy is it to deviate from the original plan if you see something unexpected/interesting at the show?

09:mm Radiators & Computex 2017 vs.@batmonger9: With the influx of 200mm fans in cases, are we going to see 200mm and 400mm radiators to match for either aio or custom loops?

@William: How did this year compare to other years? Some of the coverage I saw mentioned that there were fewer finished products and more prototypes or products that have been shown at CES or last year's Computex. One opinion was that the lack of new GPUs were slowing things down.

11:04 - Do You Actually Like Computex?

@Carcklingice1: Can normies go? If you need to buy a ticket, how much does it cost? How large is it? Seeing a booth at a time doesn't give much scope. Also - Does @EVGA_JacobF smell like hot dogs?

@EVGA_JacobF: Did you ever sleep?

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