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5 Ways to Make Money On YouTube | Secret Strategies to Earn Over $10K Per Month From Your Channel

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 If you're ready to learn how to earn from YouTube, then you're in the right place. In this video, I teach you how to make money on YouTube. For more YouTube strategies, head on over to

In this video, I help you make a little bit of money and spread an amazing message to the world.

So as you may or may not know, YouTube will pay you for the ads that they run on your channel.

They end up paying you a certain percentage of the ad revenue that they are making.

Now a lot of people will just try to make money just from that.

Maybe they're vlogging or doing kind of like random videos and hoping that they go viral and they can make a little bit of money.

But if you're serious about having a business and marketing your business or marketing yourself and building a personal brand then actually you can make a lot more money from just the exposure of being on YouTube.

And a decent rule of thumb is that if you're smart about really monetizing your audience, you should be making ten times more than what YouTube is paying you.

And that's at a minimum.

So if YouTube is paying you $1,000 a month, you should be making at least $10,000 a month in other ways from that traffic.

Because even though $1,000 a month from YouTube ads is super sweet and awesome and was life-changing for me at the time, it's certainly not enough to pay the bills full time.

And because at the time it completely felt like free money I'm pretty sure I blew it all on my kitesurf gear, my surf gear for sure.

I blew it. So don't make that mistake, learn how to build your business and follow these tips.

#1: You can sell digital products

Now, this is especially helpful if you're giving how-to advice. Maybe it's health advice; maybe it's relationship advice, maybe it's business or sales advice.

Whatever it is that you're advising on on your YouTube channel, you can sell digital products such as ebooks, such as digital courses, such as membership sites. You can sell those to your audience, and it's just an upgrade.

So you're creating these videos, and you're giving them out for free, but of course, once they go to your website they can purchase kind of the upgrade. N

ow for example with Sexy Confidence, I have about six different digital courses that I always would sell to my audience.

And that's really because they wanted more information.

If every single week I'm releasing just a 4-minute video that's not enough information for anyone to transform their love life. Same goes with this, I'm releasing a video every single week for but if you go to I have other products available that will help you from A to Z build your viewership.

If your teaching anything online, any type of how to advise this is critical for you to make that kind of income and to make that kind of impact that you want.

#2: Sell consulting or coaching
Now let's say for example you're an executive coach and you're releasing a lot of videos on YouTube teaching people how to be leaders in the workplace. That's super cool, and you'll make probably some money from YouTube maybe, but you can also get high-end consulting deals.

I know consultants that make hundreds of thousands of dollars on just one consulting gig.

And those consulting gigs can be sourced directly from YouTube.

Believe it or not, in particular spaces, there are some very, very high powered people watching your videos.

So make sure you're smart about that and make sure you direct them to join your email list at your website.

#3: Affiliate marketing
Now if you've ever watched a video, and they tell you about a certain product then they say hey, click on the link right there below, they get a certain cut, or they get paid out directly.

#4: Brand deals
As your channel starts to grow, once you get past really 20,000, 30,000 subscribers you're going to start getting emails from brands who want you to plug their products into your channel.

If you're curious how much you should charge these different brands to plug their products make sure you go to and it's gonna help you really determine the value of your audience.

#5: Using Patreon.
is a fantastic resource for a lot of creators where you can have your profile page and then the viewership can go ahead go to that specific page, and can contribute to you and support you.

Maybe it's a dollar, five dollars every single month and it's a great way, it's basically like a tip.

So I want to hear from you as you're building your viewership which of these five strategies are you going to focus on?

Leave that in the comments right there below.

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