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5 Online Business Ideas You Can Start TODAY // Make Money AT HOME in 2018

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 Video: Online Business Ideas You Can Start TODAY // Make Money AT HOME inAre you looking for ways to make money from home but you're tired of the same old suggestions of filling out thousands of surveys for pennies a day? In this video, I'll be sharing 5 online businesses that you can start right away! Some of these businesses I've done myself and have personal experience in. All of the business ideas I'm sharing today allow you to be your own boss, set your own hours, work from home, and decide how much money you want to make! And best of all, these are online businesses that anyone can start today, with or without specific skills!

Links from the video:Kindle Direct PublishingThanks so much for watching!

If you have any video topic requests, just leave them below in the comments and I'd love to help you in a future video!ABOUT THIS CHANNELHello Dreamers! On this Channel, Heart & Home, you will find lots of inspiration for living an intentional and abundant lifestyle with a focus on entrepreneurism and personal development. I will be sharing my journey and learnings with you as I go along pursing a fulfilling and successful life. It is my greatest desire to help others achieve their goals and attain the life they dream of! Plus, I want to offer a community of like-minded ambitious individuals to share their progress and keep accountable!CONTENT CHANGEFor those of you who have been around my Channel since the beginning, or at least for awhile, you will have noticed that this Channel has taken on a new direction. I'm not saying I will never do another household organization video again, I very well may, however, my current goal for the Channel is to share what I'm learning about living a fulfilling and abundant life. So, that is what you can expect from the majority of the content, currently. I truly hope you will find the new content encouraging and inspiring! Please leave any video topic requests in the comments. I absolutely love creating content that will help YOU!!WATCH MY OLD VIDEOSYou can still view ALL my old YouTube videos here:ABOUT MEMy name is Christiana, and I'm a Dreamer! I get very excited about learning new things and then sharing what I'm learning. I intend to be a life-long student of life and to share my findings with other likeminded ambitious Dreamers who are passionate about creating the life they desire! I believe you and I can accomplish anything we set our minds to, no matter what it takes, no matter our weaknesses!

Some of my Life Dreams are:% Financial Independence!
- Entrepreneurism as my job, pursuing my passions
- Living on a peaceful acreage surrounded by Nature's beauty and sounds.
- To record a few songs (a childhood dream!)
- To live and give abundantly!** SHOP My New Organic Skin Care Line! **Collections:Music by: Nicolai Heidlas
Song: "New Places"

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